COVID & Seniors: Staying Safe This Winter

As the United States enters into its third wave of the pandemic, it is imperative for seniors to enact safe COVID practices. This is because elderly individuals are considered high risk individuals for the coronavirus flu. Thus, whether you are a senior or caregiver, here is a brief guideline on how to stay safe this winter. 

Practice Social Distancing

For seniors, the best way that they can keep themselves safe is to practice social distancing. This involves staying home when possible and avoiding all crowds. 

Social distancing also includes avoiding small, indoor gatherings. A small get together may seem harmless, when in fact, these gatherings are far from safe. A recent article by Karin Brulliard in the Washington Post divulged that it is “these small gatherings that are fueling the current resurgence of cases.”

Thus, consider switching any potential gatherings to a virtual platform. Host a family game zoom night, or stream your favorite movie. The goal is to remind your loved ones: even though it’s not safe to be together, we are never truly apart! 

Wear Masks Frequently

If you need to leave your home, one of the best ways to protect yourself is to practice frequent mask wearing. Simple cloth masks have been proven to effectively halt potential droplets from entering the nose and mouth.

To practice safe mask wearing, have your mask on before leaving the house. Make certain it’s affixed over the bridge of your nose and covering your whole chin. If it feels loose at all, adjust it so the mask does not fall off your nose!

Once out in the world, try not to touch your mask. This may seem difficult, but the goal is to create a barrier between the outside world and your face. Every time you touch your mask, you effectively breach that barrier. Thus, do not touch your mask until after you have washed your hands and are ready to take it off!

Practice Good Hand Washing

This may seem repetitive, as it was only a few months ago everyone was washing their hands with religious fervor. Yet, even though it was not too long ago, this rule bears repeating! 

The best way to protect yourself from germs is to wash your hands frequently, with running water, and for at least 20 seconds. Remember to get under your nails and in between your digits!

For more information on senior care services contact an experienced nursing agency. They can answer your questions and help with loved ones at what may be a stressful time.