Three Approaches to Couples Therapy

Having a strong relationship with your partner is of the utmost importance. You want nothing more than to sail through life as a happy two-some.

However, there are times that you may not always see eye to eye. When difficulties arise, you may face unhappiness. Whether the events that led you here were drastic or came on slowly, dealing with them in a healthy way will determine if you weather the storm. Couples therapy is one way to resolve issues. By talking things out with a third party, you may reach better conclusions and chart a more productive path. Familiarize yourself with these three approaches therapists take when counseling a couple.

1. Changing Communication

One of the things that can contribute to the breakdown of a relationship is ineffective communication. Even in the strongest of couples, some moments impact the way one or the other talks. Perhaps one person is going through a job loss or is suffering from depression. Understanding how to communicate effectively is essential to the success of any meaningful relationship. A therapist may want to see you interact with your spouse and the way you express your discontent. After this observation period, the therapist may start guiding you both to change the way you speak.

2. Looking Into the Past

People carry remnants of events from childhood throughout development and adulthood. In some instances, these recollections may impact how a person thinks, feels or acts, even decades into the future. Some therapists will try and get to the root of the problem through memory therapy. It may seem irrelevant to talk about things that happened from your childhood or your relationship with a parent, but they may correlate with the problems in your current relationship. Once those deep-rooted issues are brought to light, those involved may begin to heal and chart a course for a healthier relationship.

3. Separate Sessions

Some relationships may be too contentious for therapy to be productive. In these instances, a therapist may recommend each going through individual counseling and then come back together at some point for couples therapy. Dealing with issues one-on-one may help shed some of your struggles and allow you to understand why you feel the way you do towards your partner.

A therapist in Palatine, IL has no way to know how long you will need couples therapy. The frequency of your appointments and the amount of time they last will depend mainly on how you and your partner react and evolve.

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