Orthodontic Services

Understanding Orthodontics

Orthodontics is a specialized study of dental care that involves the diagnosis and treatment of dental displacement and malocclusions. As a leading orthodontist, we understand the jaw and are able to move and adjust teeth in people of all ages. Whether you are a child, teen, or adult, let us help you realign your jaw so that you have a beautiful, confident smile and overall facial profile. 

In terms of orthodontia, there are specialities within the profession. For example, some orthodontists will only treat children or adults. Others focus on surgical elements, but overall an orthodontist will treat the position of the teeth and jaw. This treatment will change the appearance of the face, and in almost all situations, the patient will be pleasantly surprised at how different they look. 

An orthodontist must complete additional schooling after graduating from dental school. Similar to medical surgeons who further their education to become a specialized surgeon in their field. Orthodontists will continue their education and training even after they have obtained their license to practice orthodontia. 

Why Orthodontics Can Be Necessary

Orthodontic treatment is far more than a cosmetic procedure. Rather it is often necessary. Many children have overcrowding issues; thereby need orthodontic treatment. This is common when they have lost teeth before they were actually ready to come out (most often due to an accident or poor hygiene). 

When a tooth falls out too early, other teeth can move into the space resulting in the shape of the palate to become altered. When the new tooth is ready to come in, there may be no space. In the past, people would have teeth pulled to make space for their teeth, but now there are various methods that can fix this without resulting to teeth pulling!

What Orthodontics Can Do:

  • Correct an overbite
  • Correct an underbite
  • Realign the jaw
  • Address the bite of the teeth
  • Fix crooked teeth
  • Realign the midline of the teeth
  • Improve protruding or crowded teeth

Orthodontic Treatment Options

As an orthodontist, we offer patients the ability to realign their jaw and straighten their teeth. This results in a love for smiling. There are a number of different ways to move your teeth, including:

  • Spacer
  • Metal braces
  • Clear aligners

Are You Ready to Makeover Your Smile?

If you are concerned about your alignment or your teeth and think that orthodontic care might be a good solution, contact and orthodontist, like the office of John Redmond Orthodontics for answers to your questions and a possible treatment plan.