How Chiropractic Care Can Help With Fitness

Your fitness routine includes pilates and yoga. That should be enough to keep your spine healthy, right? While a regular and varied workout routine is great, it may not be all you need to keep your body in the best shape. The truth of the matter is, if you have persistent pain and soreness, you could be doing more harm than good.

You Cannot Align Specific Vertebrae On Your Own

Over time and with accidents and injuries, our vertebrae can slip or twist out of the proper position. The misalignment is called a subluxation. When you stretch or twist your spine, you move the whole spine. You cannot move individual parts of your spine independently from the whole.

If you have nerve pain, weakness, or difficulty moving, it is best to have a professional assessment. A licensed chiropractor will do diagnostic tests to determine the problem. The chiropractor has the training and experience to adjust the vertebrae to return your spine to a healthy alignment.

Improper Alignment Can’t Be Corrected By Stretching

When vertebrae move out of normal position, it is called a subluxation. Many people mistakenly think that if you stretch enough, it will snap back into alignment. Over time, stretching can increase strength and flexibility, which can reduce the chances of a subluxation. However, an adjustment is needed once the subluxation has occurred.

When you stretch the spine, you extend the entire spine and major muscles around it. Unfortunately, there is no way to elongate or separate only specific areas of the spine. If two or three vertebrae are stuck, you will not impact that particular problem by stretching alone. Your chiropractor can use an adjustment or manual manipulation to reposition them.

Injuries Could Be Exacerbated With Exercise

Much like a flat tire will not improve by driving on it, continuing to exercise with an injury can cause more damage. Left untreated, you are at risk for nerve damage, arthritis and other debilitating conditions. Scar tissue can build up over time, preventing proper movement. Once scar tissue has formed, a chiropractic adjustment can break up the scarring and return the vertebrae to its correct position.

If you have noticed pain, decreased flexibility, numbness or weakness, you may have a spinal misalignment. Your chiropractor, like a chiropractor for physical therapy, can diagnose and treat subluxation to help improve the motion and function of the spine. Call your local chiropractic office today for a diagnostic appointment or to get more information on what chiropractic can do for you.