Could You Benefit from Grief Counseling?

Grief is broadly defined as a feeling of deep sorrow. Sorrow, in turn, is broadly defined as a feeling of deep distress caused by loss, misfortune, or disappointment. This means that, in order to get a sense of what it means to grieve, one must suffer disappointment, misfortune, or loss, feel that feeling deeply, then feel the broader feeling of sorrow even more deeply. It is of little wonder that the process of grieving is one of the most difficult challenges that a person can endure.

If you are grieving, whether as a result of disappointment, misfortune, or loss, you may benefit from the support that grief counseling provides. Committing to the grief counseling process leaves many individuals understandably feeling conflicted. On the one hand, at least some part of them longs to feel less sorrow but on the other hand, they may be truly skeptical that anything a therapist says can be of any help. After all, if something was going to make the hurt go away—even just a little—wouldn’t that have happened by now?

Trusting the Process

As an experienced grief counseling provider – including those who practice at Lotus Wellness Center – can confirm, most grief counseling clients begin to notice positive changes as a result of therapy after their first few sessions. Yet, when you’re grieving, the idea of spending even one second longer feeling the way that you do can seem like an eternity. There is no denying that the “starting point” of the grieving counseling process can be uniquely trying, as healing doesn’t often happen overnight. With that said, if you choose to invest your time and energy into grief counseling—and you trust the process, even just a little—research indicates that it tends to help in significant ways.

Certainly, no therapist or counselor can guarantee results. To do so would turn capable professionals into fortune tellers. But, peer-reviewed research and decades of experience at the hands of grief counseling professionals indicates that this process can be truly transformative, regardless of the circumstances that have inspired clients’ grief.  

Struggling with deep sorrow is not a state that anyone should have to navigate without professional support. Regardless of how strong the rest of your support system is, working with a grief counselor could significantly benefit you at this time. Connect with a local grief counselor to learn more.