Chiropractics and X-Rays

Going to see a chiropractor doesn’t automatically mean you will have x-rays taken. Each professional has different procedures and different ways of figuring out what ails you. Some chiropractors who do x-rays will take them to rule out fractures or other more serious injuries, and possibly even just as standard procedure. Some will also take x-rays to help them determine where an adjustment needs to be made. Again, you won’t always have an x-ray at your appointment, but the following are some indications that may lead your chiropractor to take them.


Most patients who are 65 or older will have x-rays taken at their chiropractic appointments. Aging individuals often have more health problems and possibly more frail bones, which leads to the extra precaution by a chiropractor. If you are 50 or older, it’s possible you’ll have an x-ray if your health history includes any type of trauma. This can help a chiropractor rule out more serious damages that could become worse during an adjustment.

Broken Bones

Patients with broken bones need proper treatment in order to fix the problem. If a chiropractor suspects you have a broken bone, especially if you exhibit actual symptoms of a break, he or she may take an x-ray to rule it out before continuing with adjustments. If you do have a broken bone, you would be referred to your primary care doctor or another specialist.


Some pain is caused by infection. Infection cannot be fixed by chiropractics alone and often requires an antibiotic. Because chiropractors cannot prescribe medication, he or she would take an x-ray to determine whether there truly is an infection or not. If there is an infection, he or she would refer you to a doctor where you can receive the proper medication. After your infection is taken care of, you can return to the chiropractor for pain relief.

Significant Disease

Sometimes during an adjustment, a chiropractor will notice something that you or the people you regularly associate with will not have noticed. Being trained in what is normal and abnormal for the human body, chiropractors sometimes find tumors and other significant diseases during care. If a chiropractor suspects there’s a tumor or another serious issue going on with your health, you may be asked to take an x-ray. If you do have significant disease, you would need to see your physician, though you can often continue with chiropractic care as well.

Contacting the Professionals

Not every appointment requires an x-ray, and it’s possible you won’t have to get one at all. To learn more about chiropractics and x-rays, contact a chiropractor today.