Chiropractic Care: What To Expect and How Long Will It Take?

When suffering from a chronic pain disorder or a sudden injury, it is not uncommon to wonder about the effectiveness of therapies and how long your pain will last. Chiropractic care is an excellent pain management therapy that does not rely on prescription medications or invasive surgeries, which may leave some patients concerned about the length and effectiveness of a treatment plan. While each injury and patient is unique, chiropractic medicine is beneficial, and you can count on some predictability of care.

Initial Visit

As with any other medical profession, a patient does not walk into an office on day one and receive immediate treatment. A doctor of chiropractic, like other medical professionals, will talk with the patient about their injuries and pain. If necessary, they will order X-rays or scans to determine the specific reason for the pain. After they assess the injury or condition, they will determine if chiropractic care is suitable, and if they decide it is, they will discuss a treatment plan, possibly performing a spinal adjustment the same day.

Treatment Plan

Treatment plans are unique to the patient and their needs. Some conditions are recurring, and care will be ongoing, but for injuries, a doctor of chiropractic may schedule a treatment plan that extends out over six weeks or more. The patient may need to come in for adjustments two or three times per week throughout those six weeks. When the initial treatment plan is over, the chiropractor will reassess the injury and determine whether further treatment is necessary.

Temporary and Ongoing Care

While treatment for an injury may be temporary, every patient should consider ongoing care. Chiropractic therapy is beneficial for musculoskeletal health and development. Consistent treatment helps to prevent common joint and skeletal issues as patients age. Doctors of chiropractic, like all medical professionals, are more effective over the long term. Unfortunately, chiropractors are not a part of most people’s medical team from a young age, which makes it difficult for some people to see the connection. Too many people view chiropractic therapy as optional or a luxury, but it is necessary and essential to long-term health.

While most people will only go to a chiropractor after an injury, experiencing about six weeks of care, a chiropractor should be part of long-term health care. If you want to discuss the benefits of routine therapy, or if you have more questions about chiropractic treatment, contact a chiropractor, like from Mid-Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic, and schedule an appointment.