Alternative Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

Issues that impact your sexual performance can by caused by underlying problems. Seeking treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED) and other similar disorders can be a source of embarrassment for many people who experience it. There is a stigma that prevents people from getting the treatment that can benefit them. There are many available alternative treatments that have been proven to be as effective as more traditional treatments like pills. They are much safer because they have a lower risk of producing side effects. Some of the most common types of alternative treatment methods for ED include the following treatments.  

IV Therapy 

You can have nutrients and fluids delivered directly to your bloodstream through IV therapy. It is a simple treatment where nutrients are administered to your body from an IV bag. The body is able to better absorb the nutrients if it is administered this way than through oral ingestion. It helps boost hydration, address nutrient deficiencies, and helps patients feel much more energized. IV therapy has many benefits, including increasing vitamin intake, alleviates stress, and cleanses the body in a natural way. 


Acupuncture is a type of alternative treatment that is suitable for many conditions like migraines, headaches, tense muscles and even ED. It is a treatment that many people think of as alternative therapies. It can benefit those who suffer from ED because it makes the muscles less tight. A doctor carefully places thin needles on the surface layer of skin, targeting pressure points, and releases tension in the affected area. 

Diet Change

Nutrition can play an important role in sexual health and can contribute to ED symptoms. An ED doctor can do tests like lipid panels, blood tests, and other exams to see what kind of nutrients you are lacking. Combined with other tests like fitness exams, they can put together a treatment plan that includes diet improvements. 

Shockwave Therapy 

Another type of alternative treatment for ED is shockwave therapy. This involves using pulsing waves to the body, helping to promote improved blood flow to the affected region. Shockwave therapy is a safe and comfortable solution for people who are seeking less invasive treatments. It involves minimal pain and side effects, making it a great option for patients who experience ED and want a relatively quick treatment. Unlike surgery or other traditional treatments, patients do not have to go through a recovery period after undergoing this treatment. 

Talk Therapy 

For some people struggling with ED, attending therapy sessions can help. Sometimes ED issues are brought on by anxious thoughts or lack of confidence. Going to therapy sessions can help patients to understand the issues they are going through by addressing their way of thinking and implementing strategies to promote positive thinking and behaviors. 

If you have ED symptoms and would like to know alternative treatment solutions that can benefit you, request an appointment with a trained and certified ED doctor now.