4 Activities for Seniors to Ring in the New Year

Four Fun Activities for Seniors to Ring in the New Year

As we round out 2019 and enter into 2020, many senior citizens and caretakers find themselves without activities for New Year’s Eve. If you are currently without December 31st plans, this article will provide a few ideas and activities to share with your loved one on the cusp of 2020!

1. Celebrate New Years from Across the Globe

Let’s face it, staying awake till midnight may be out of the question for some senior citizens. Although some may be adamant about waiting for the new year, others may want to be in bed by a reasonable hour. 

For the loved ones who want to celebrate the New Year at a reasonable hour, why not ring in the new year early? Or, take advantage of timezones and celebrate with our friends in another country? For example: if you are at a nursing agency, you could celebrate the United Kingdom’s New Year at 7pm! This technicality allows everyone to take part, have fun, and be in bed before midnight. 

2. Create a Resolution Activity

It is customary on New Year’s Eve to create a list of resolutions, but it’s easy to allow these lists to fall to the wayside. Thus, for your loved one, you can create an activity or game of making the resolution list. This will help them exercise their memory recall, practice intentionality, and engage in holistic thinking for the future!

3. Have an End of Year Fashion Show

With the new year coming to the end, why not honor some of the fashion highlights? A fashion show is a great way to celebrate, have fun, and allow all the participants to show off! You can set up a curtain to give all models a place to strut their stuff. Try to give your fashion show a fun theme: such as a masquerade, paris couture, or the roaring 20s! 

4. Craft Your Way into the New Year 

When it comes to bringing in the New Year, you can’t beat crafting! Making arts and crafts is a great way to spend any day, but is especially fun on New Years Eve. You and your loved one can make hats, party poppers, or homemade cards. This activity will not only make a keepsake to remember the year, it will also help your loved one boost their coordination and memory.