Mid-life crisis? Consider giving yourself a hair treatment to combat that thinning scalp.

As one enters middle age, it’s common to undergo an assessment of one’s life and which goals have not been met. Unfortunately, this can lead to depression and erratic behavior by some—the classic “middle-age life crisis.” However, midlife can be a positive catalyst, evoking some changes that are for the good. It may be a time to focus more inwardly, on one’s self, and give permission to do some things for yourself. By middle age, many men and women have experienced hair loss and hair thinning. If this describes your circumstances, maybe it’s time to consider undergoing treatment to restore your hair. Contact a hair clinic to learn if you are a good candidate for hair treatment.

It’s not easy for anyone to lose their hair. Thin or balding hair can change a person’s look, and make them appear older than they actually feel. About half of the male population steadily loses their hair until their early 50s. Many women also experience hair loss and thinning. Thankfully, many people have hair treatment options—more than one, in fact.

Does aging cause hair loss?

Hair loss can be caused by any of several reasons, including medical conditions. Prescription or illegal drug use in the past can also lead to hair loss in later life. However, aging is the most common reason for hair loss among adults. Aging is not always directly related to age—the body can age prematurely when it undergoes trauma or long term and consistent stress. For some, their hair loss can be stopped or even reversed if the cause of their hair loss is environmental (such as from poor diet or stress) and they make appropriate changes in their life. For a diagnosis of the cause of your hair loss, visit a hair doctor who can do an assessment of your condition and apprise you of your treatment options.

What are my options for hair treatment?

Your treatment options will be limited to the cause of your hair loss and the severity of your condition. After an exam by a hair doctor, you will have a clear understanding of your treatment options which may include one of these three main methods:

1.       Low light laser therapy. A hair treatment doctor uses a special laser designed specifically to treat hair loss. This treatment method can treat several types of hair loss for women as well as men.

2.       Platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections. PRP treatment uses the individual’s own blood to isolate the platelets that are rich with plasma. These platelets assist in cell growth and hair growth as a result. The PRP injections are localized to the area where the hair thinning or loss is greatest.

3.       Hair transplant. Advances in hair transplant technology have made the process very successful and popular as a result. Those who have reached middle age without a full head of hair have experienced very good results with a hair transplant to regain the youthful look they once enjoyed.


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