How Important is Physical Therapy After an Accident?

When you become injured in an accident, you naturally seek and receive medical help and treatment from your doctor. But have you considered the fact that a physical therapist can often help you just as much as your physician, especially if your injuries result in continuing pain or mobility issues?

It’s true. Since physical therapy treatments such as those offered at Mid Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic focuses on reducing your pain and restoring you to your former level of function and activity as much as possible, a personalized physical therapy program may well make all the difference in your quality of life following an injury.

Pain Management

Pain can be a debilitating factor in your recovery, especially when you suffer a whiplash or other soft tissue injury. Your physical therapist can suggest exercises you can do at home to reduce your pain. In addition, he or she can perform hands-on massage and other techniques at your PT appointments, plus give you electrical stimulation or other treatments that he or she thinks will help relieve your pain. In addition, he or she can make sure you don’t overdo and exacerbate your pain or cause yourself further injury.

Avoidance of Surgery

Oftentimes a personalized physical therapy course of action can help you avoid surgery or, if you already underwent surgery for your injuries, additional surgical intervention.

Enhanced Mobility

One of the greatest benefits of physical therapy is that it can help you regain any mobility you lost as a result of your injuries. This is especially true if you received a spinal cord or other injury that paralyzed your legs. Physical therapy techniques include a passive range of motion exercises that keep your paralyzed muscles from atrophying. They also include strengthening exercises for your upper body to make your life easier while you have to use a wheelchair to move from one place to another.

Physical therapy can maximize your chances of fully recovering from a paralytic injury. Through the use of braces and work on a set of parallel bars, PT can keep your legs strong enough to support your weight and enhance the likelihood that you will eventually be able to walk once again.

All in all, the importance of receiving ongoing physical therapy after your accident cannot be overstated. Your physical therapist can establish your baseline pain and mobility levels, recommend the best course of therapy and monitor your progress as you and he or she work to restore you to your former level of pain-free activity and mobility.