Is Adjusting Myself a Good Idea?

Joint pain, reduced range of motion, muscle tightness and dizziness are all symptoms of subluxation. When you begin to feel these things, is there anything you can do to correct the issue on your own? Is adjusting yourself a good idea? Unfortunately not. The following are some reasons to call a chiropractor instead.

Knowledge and Experience

If you broke a bone, would you cast it yourself? If you had a toothache, would you fill the cavity on your own? In both situations, you would contact a professional who had the knowledge, experience and techniques to properly take care of the problem. The same is true for subluxation. Correcting a misalignment requires chiropractic knowledge and the right technique if you want to have lasting results.

Proper Movements

Did you know one vertebra can move in 16 different directions? As an amateur, you won’t know which direction to move your vertebra for the relief you seek. If you’ve ever “popped” your back, either by accident or on purpose, you’ll remember the pain returned just a short time later. This could be due to the fact you didn’t complete the proper movement. A chiropractor can conduct an examination to determine which direction the vertebra needs to move, which offers long-lasting pain relief.

Avoiding Injury

Chiropractors are not known for causing injury, but actually help to permanently relieve a wide variety of injuries that medical doctors often prescribe pain killers for. As someone without the right knowledge to properly handle subluxation, there’s a possibility you’ll make your injury go from bad to worse. There’s also a possibility you’ll create an injury that didn’t exist to begin with. A chiropractor helps you avoid those types of injuries by completing the adjustments correctly.

Proper Pressure

A chiropractor won’t even adjust him or herself for the above reasons, as well as because he or she wouldn’t be able to apply the right amount of pressure to complete the alignment the right way. There’s a certain amount of pressure required for each individual type of adjustment. Doing it too hard could cause injury or discomfort. Doing it too soft could result in the adjustment not getting done at all.

Contacting a Professional

If you are experiencing subluxation, you may be tempted to adjust yourself, but you should call a professional instead. Contact a chiropractor, like from Mid-Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic, today to learn why a professional adjustment is a better idea than attempting it on your own.