Feng Shui and Wellness

As you start the new year, take a moment to look around you. Your external environment impacts your internal health and if you have health problems or want to stay healthy, you may want to look into feng shui or other methods of room balance. Feng shui is the art of spatial arrangement as it relates to the flow of qi, or energy. It has been used for many years by influential business people and homemakers alike to stimulate good energy flow in their buildings. If you employ thoughtful room arrangement, color design, and dispose of unnecessary items, you are following the basics of this ancient art and will benefit significantly in many ways. 

Choosing What is Right for You
To benefit from the essence of feng shui, you do not need to include every item if it is unfamiliar to you. Some aspects, like dragons and Bagua mirrors, or even fountains, may not appeal to your sense of style and are not crucial. Nevertheless, other principles of furniture placement and decluttering and paint choices are relatively easy to support and can make a big difference. Our external world affects us in many ways, and we can improve our health and mental clarity by following a few small feng shui guidelines. Alternative medicine practices, such as acupuncture, strive to create harmony at each encounter and may be the right place to inquire about the connection between inner and outer health. 

Take a few moments to consider the goal of each space and envision how the house, office, or room can reflect that intention. Light colors such as blue and brown incite relaxation, whereas high contrast colors, such as green and pink, promote drama. The blue color relates to trust, and red instills excitement. Consider the use of color for the room you want to create by starting at the entrance. Reduce clutter and sharp edges near an entrance to invite warmth, creativity, and safety.

Room Placement
Inside the room or space, review how the walls, windows, and doors divide up the region. Use furniture placement to achieve harmony. For instance, people are more comfortable if their backs do not directly face a door, so place furniture in a way that minimizes this. Use angled chair placement to support harmonious working relationships and reduce confrontation with oppositional positioning. If you like a particular color or color combination but feel that it may not suit the room’s purpose, consider accenting with it in small doses.

Your Surroundings Affect Your Health
The main thing to understand is that you can make changes in your home and surroundings to affect your inner life and health. Employ thoughtfulness and be willing to recycle and give away things that do not serve a purpose for you. Thoughtfulness incites connection and meaning, both core stabilizing earth concepts. Removing unnecessary items stimulates metal channel energies, which is energizing. One need not be a feng shui expert to use these principles to unblock qi flow in the home, office, and other rooms. If you would like to know more about how to engage change in your surroundings to stimulate growth, contact an alternative medicine provider, like an alternative medicine provider in Chapel Hill, NC, today. 

Thanks to Acupractic Natural Healing Center for their insight into feng shui and wellness.

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