Chiropractic care for Text Neck

Chiropractic care for Text Neck


An average person is immersed onto their smartphones daily, causing tension on their health. Everyone has a busy timeline, so busy that we often forget to heal certain aches that occur on our bodies.

Text neck is characterized as a form of injury which is sustained by looking face down onto a phone or tablet for an extended period. With the rise in the dependency of technology, this form of injury is unfortunately growing. Thus, chiropractic adjustments and regular exercise should be made a priority to treat this issue.

Symptoms of Text Neck

Understanding the most common forms of text neck will help you determine when it is time to visit your local chiropractor. One way or another our nature is inclined to utilizing technology, thus arriving at a good solution for your health is necessary, which you can identify through:

  • Constant slouching progresses the pain on your lower back. Muscle spasms in this area will happen if the pain is not acknowledged early on.
  • Sluggish on your shoulders and unable to gather strength because of discomfort.
  • The Cervical spines and cervical nerves will be affected, and it will lead to arms and hands being adversely affected due to poor neurological balance.

Why you should consider Chiropractic treatment

Chronic pain occurring repeatedly due to ‘text neck’ is a serious matter and it is a circumstance that requires professional assistance. The general statistic points to the age group of young adults in their 20’s to older adults in their 40’s being afflicted, speaking on behalf of the younger half their tendency should amount to more activity especially regarding their health.

Some individuals are suffering from major injuries and misalignment of their muscles and bones on their bodies, and text neck isn’t even the reason. They suffer for years without a proper adjustment being handled. This information should give individuals a great incentive to invest in chiropractic treatment for ‘text neck’.

Helpful Solutions

There are basic methods that you can apply to reduce or even permanently get rid of the text neck, ranging from various forms of exercise to take precautions while using a smartphone or sitting in front of a computer. Keeping the screen at eye level is a good step, as it allows the body to be fixated correctly and a healthy posture to be established, this also prevents fatigue.

Exercising regularly, specifically doing extensive stretching poses in yoga will greatly lessen the possibility of back pain happening from any form of injury. A substantial pressure taking place at the neck will lead to your back leaving an opening where intervertebral discs will wrongfully adjust, thus leading to disc bulges.


The bottom line is that technology has made us lazy enough to be content with our misguided health. Therefore natural solutions and chiropractic adjustment should not be ignored. The infamous text neck must be a thing of the past as we move on to a fitter lifestyle. Alleviating any injury and staying healthy with the help of a chiropractor in Mesa, AZ ought to be a strong preference.   Thanks to LifeCare Chiropractic for their insight into chiropractic care and improving your immune system.