Acupuncture Supports Body Self Care and Repair

Our body is a self-healing marvel; from head to toe, it supports growth and development and repairs small problems every minute as we carry about our lives. Healthcare that strives to help the healing potential inherent in each of us is a wise option and one that reduces the potential for adverse side effects and other complications. Acupuncture is one such healthcare choice that makes sense. Acupuncturists are part of an ancient tradition of healers trained to invoke the body’s healing response. By using needles acupuncture and massage directed along the lines of energy flow called qi, ki, or prana, acupuncturists effectively manage many acute and conditions without drugs or surgery.

Pain is one indication that something has gone awry in the body, and, although it is not the only symptom, it is a useful indicator because it forces us to pay attention.

Perhaps pain persists when the body is unable to solve a problem on its own, and it demands that we stop damaging activities and attend to the problem. Pain is not a call from the body for pain pills or muscle relaxers, many of which dampen and stagnate our body’s ability to heal fully. Pain asks for our attention, and an acupuncturist can help you make sense of the body’s call.

For instance, shoulder pain is frequently an indicator of the overuse of the joint, or it can indicate a problem in the neck or upper back. If you cover the symptom with medication, you risk further injury of the neck and shoulder complex. An acupuncturist will assess all the channels related to your shoulder pain and combine this knowledge with other aspects of your health history and presentation to determine the best treatment to support the whole body. For instance, pain along the fire channel associated with sleep disturbance and acid reflux may indicate problems in the fire channel that can have much more profound implications if ignored. Similarly, aches and inflammation anywhere on the metal channel of the shoulder, along with sinusitis and gastrointestinal complaints, suggests an imbalance in the metal meridian. Acupuncture treatment of the metal meridian in this instance will effect longer lasting health and change in the whole body.

Acupuncture treatment can involve deep or shallow needle stimulation of skin or deeper muscle points, as well as massage and herbal application. Your acupuncturist is well trained in meridian and trigger point needle treatments that can unblock qi flow along blocked meridians, opening up an array of healing and pain relief while supporting body-mind relaxation. If you have questions about how acupuncture in Chapel HIll, NC can help you avoid pain medications and promote healing on many levels, call a clinic today. 

Thanks to Acupractic Natural Healing Center for their insight into chiropractic care and how acupuncture supports healing.

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